InDesign not seeing Helvetica


OK, so I've got InDesign CS6. Works well, all Fonts normally work, they're installed in Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts.

Apart from Helvetica, that is. It doesn't show up in the Fonts list if it's not in the Fonts folder of InDesign CS6, and even then, when it is in the fonts folder, only Helvetica is listed, despite the following derivatives being available:

Helvetica Oblique Helvetica Bold Helvetica Bold Oblique Helvetica Light Helvetica Light Oblique Helvetica Roman Helvetica

All fonts show in the Recently Used fonts list, but not in the fonts list itself (btw, previews of fonts are turned off to speed up InDesign).

I am on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Why is this, and what could be causing it?? Strange, as I have no duplicates... the system fonts folder is as normal, so why is this?

Advice is appreciated!

8/11/2014 3:38:00 PM