Converting marker and watercolor art to Illustrator/Vector?


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Hi everyone. I have been playing around with watercolor and marker lettering lately. I know how to turn them digital in Photoshop while keeping the natural watercolor and permanent marker textures.

I see a lot of watercolor/marker style logos and I was wondering how they were converted to vector while keeping those textures (if so). Whenever I take them into Illustrator, it completely fills the artwork. I am mainly worried about issues with scaling and blurring with Photoshop vs having no restriction to size in Illustrator. Image trace with a high fidelity photo option seems to work, but I wanted to know if there was an alternative I haven't figured out.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

8/20/2015 1:32:00 PM

You need to diferentiate 2 things, the logo itself and the "accidents" of it. by accidents I mean the texture, the transparency, things that can be or not be there.

The part that should be in vectors is the shape. That is the real logo, that can be used in an engraving a photo book cover, in negative as a watermark, a white version, on hot stamping, etc. (some fo this aplications need a solid logo).

In this case you are worried about an accident, a texture. Ok, it is an important feature, but if the watercolor is a little different it does not matter.

You can make a vector shape and put the texture inside and effects of transparency. Make that texture on the highest resolution posible/viable.

When you scale the vector image you will have sharp edges, probably the texture can become a little pixelated, but again, that is not the important part of a logo.

8/20/2015 5:10:00 PM