Converting marker and watercolor art to Illustrator/Vector?


example 1

example 2

Hi everyone. I have been playing around with watercolor and marker lettering lately. I know how to turn them digital in Photoshop while keeping the natural watercolor and permanent marker textures.

I see a lot of watercolor/marker style logos and I was wondering how they were converted to vector while keeping those textures (if so). Whenever I take them into Illustrator, it completely fills the artwork. I am mainly worried about issues with scaling and blurring with Photoshop vs having no restriction to size in Illustrator. Image trace with a high fidelity photo option seems to work, but I wanted to know if there was an alternative I haven't figured out.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

8/20/2015 1:32:00 PM

You are right to be concerned about scaling non-vector logos. Most hard-core logo designers would tell you not to use Photoshop for creating a logo at all. Only create vector logos. They can be resized and repurposed at will. Both of your examples could be turned into vectors in Illustrator. The top one would be easier. By careful tracing and using gradients it could be done. You could not preserve every nuance of marker or watercolor originals, but you could create something with the same feel that would be scalable.

7/31/2014 9:57:00 PM