How to cut a single pdf page in parts and save each part as images


I have a pdf with 10 question in it and now I want to create separate images of fix size for each question saved in a separate folder. How to do it automatically

7/27/2014 1:12:00 PM

It is possible to do. Just not necessarily worth it for 10 things which you can manually split off in a minute or so. The question is generically valid tough. You might after all have 10,000 questions, images etc, that need to be split up.

The biggest question for the computer is how does it know what the things are. What is the recurring trend that says question changed? After all each question can be different lengths, images might have different sizes.

So there must be some recurring pattern that the computer can base its instructions on.

Is the data just text? If so you can export it as RTF and cut that up. RTF is beautiful when you want just the text or just bitmap images. Or you could search and replace to find the bounding box for the text then spit that up. And so on there's no one strategy that attacks all problems. Acrobat comes with a javascript api that can crop pages.

That said for 10 questions I would just draw artboards around questions in illustrator and save all artboards out separately. Or use indesign

5/7/2015 10:01:00 AM