How to move the background in After Effects?


I have just started learning Adobe After Effects, and I couldn't find how to do this :

I have a character which looks like walking on a black background. So I want to move the background (or the camera?) to make the walk look realistic. How can I do that?

I can think of a way but I'm not sure :

  • I will prepare a very big image (all the possible positions of the background) and move it as an object.

Is this how I should do it? Also I would appreciate a tutorial link.

Thanks for any help !


Sorry that I slightly "misworded" the question. Of course my background will not be plain black. It will consist of buildings, streets trees etc. I just need the way to move it so that the character will feel like walking.

7/24/2014 11:38:00 AM

Accepted Answer

I hope i understand correctly.

You can do both, either move the camera or the background.

I personaly think its easier to move the background. Just make big composition and put everything inside it. Compositions are sort of like groups. You can make bigbig composition and then put it in smaller composition (which has size of your final movie) and move the bigger composition around. In this case the small composition works sort of like a viewfinder.

Cameras are a bit more advanced and maybe just too complicated for this.

7/21/2014 11:15:00 PM