Numbers and Sections Options altering layout upon changing page number


I am trying to add page numbers to a glossary I am making. While i am getting the page numbers to appear. I now am trying to make it so the page numbering will start on page 2, rather than the cover page, and will start with the number 1. But each time I try to do it, the layout gets rearranged like so-

arrangement 1 If I try to move the pages, it only allows me to arrange them like this.

arrangement 2 What am I doing wrong? I used this video for help but still, no luck.

7/18/2014 1:55:00 PM

Accepted Answer

These screenshots are from InDesign CC, but should be similar to your version of InDesign.

Please start with the pages flowing the default way InDesign sets them (first page is page number 1). The triangle above the first page indicates that a section starts there.
Starting state of pages

Next, select pages 2-3 by shift-clicking them individually. Then, right-click that spread, and uncheck "Allow Selected Spreads to Shuffle".
Locking the spread

You'll notice there are brackets around pages 2-3 now indicating they are locked together.
Spread locked

Then select page 2, and right-click again and select "Numbering & Section Options". From the box that comes up, select "Start Page Numbering at", and make sure it is set to "1". Then click OK and OK again to accept duplicate page numbers.
Numbering & Section Options

Success! Your page number 1 is now a left hand spread.

Optional Step Zero: To avoid the duplicate page numbers warning at the end, you can insert this step at the beginning: Select page 1, right-click it, and select "Numbering & Section Options". Then from the Style pull-down, choose a different page numbering method, such as Roman numerals.
Roman Numerals

7/18/2014 5:49:00 PM