Create Illustrator Smart Object From INSIDE Photoshop


I'm using the CS5 suite of Adobe applications.

I'm familiar with the method of copying an object in Illustrator and pasting into Photoshop, thus making a Smart Object that opens in Illustrator. Is there any way to create these "vector" Smart Objects directly from within Photoshop so that I don't have to create dummy shapes in Illustrator first and paste it into Photoshop?

9/7/2011 7:46:00 PM

Accepted Answer

For a Smart Object to open in Illustrator for editing, it has to be in an Illustrator file format, such as .AI or .EPS, so they have to be created in AI, then placed in the Photoshop document.

If you only need simple vector shapes, why not just make them in Photoshop with the pen or shape tools? No need to make the Smart Objects at all.

9/8/2011 5:36:00 AM