How would you rate this logo-concept for a fiber optic Internet company and how can I improve it?


Nayatel's logo Concept

Nayatel description

Above is the concept behind the logo. And below is the description of what company does.

Plus in the description I am keeping the icon left align to enforce movement towards the right a bit more.

How can I improve it or is it OK to go with? This is a large scale company, so do point out anything that can create a problem in future.

7/15/2014 11:06:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Well, I would hate to go against the crowd here, but I totally disagree that you need to rethink your design. In fact, I think the reasoning behind your idea is very solid. The idea of using the fiber optics as a symbol for connectivity is clever without being contrived and most importantly, it gives you a gut feeling of "this is a technology company" while remaining clean and minimalistic.

However, while your thought process was good, the execution is lacking. All it needs is some attention to detail.

logo construction

The most important change is the spacing. That little bit of whitespace better defines the shapes and lets you see the circle at the bottom left even if it were the same color. Also, the length of the cables is based on the size of the circle, which makes them feel more balanced. I made the secondary color orange because it is hard to see yellow on a white background.

enter image description here

It's still a bit boring, but even changes of a few pixels can make a huge difference. You did a great job of having a good reason for each part of your design, you just need to do the same for each shape in the logo.

Sorry if that was a bit too in-depth, but I hope this was a better critique than "you need to start over". Let the man have some creativity!

7/15/2014 4:16:00 AM

Personally, I'd shy away from the pure yellow, pure(ish) blue colour combination. Nothing screams 'cheap' and 'pedestrian' to me like the use of two or three pure and saturated primary colours. Try and come up with examples of logos that do, and ask yourself whether you want to be in that kind of company.