How do I automatically add a margin to every even page?


I'm hoping this is the best community for this - Whilst not directly graphical, I'm thinking it is related to a print option in Adobe Acrobat, but, I can't seem to find it.

I have a bunch of bank statements that have rather a large margin on the left in order to be hole punched and added to a ring binder.

I unfortunately need to keep paper records, but, some of these statements are 6/7 pages, and I want to save paper, so, I want to print double sided.

When I print double sided, if I hole punch the first page, it goes through content on the other side!

Without going in to Illustrator and manually adjusting the PDFs, is there any easy/quick print option that can auto adjust the margin on every evenly printed page?

7/3/2014 6:23:00 AM

You can do this with GhostScript from a commandline/batchfile like this:

gswin64c -q -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dBATCH ^
  -dNOPAUSE -sOutputFile=out.pdf ^
  -c "<< /BeginPage { 2 mod 1 eq {-50 0 translate} {} ifelse } bind  >> setpagedevice"^
  -f in2.pdf

Adjust the -50 to be as many points (1 ps point is 72th part of an inch) you want to shift the graphics on the page. The example is assuming windows if not change gswin64c to gs and ^ to \ . Beware do not put spaces after ^ on windows.

You could also do a lot of other things with ghostscript such as add headers, footers, stamps etc.

7/4/2014 5:07:00 AM