Direct select Layer (PS)


Since some of the newer cs versions of PS I got the problem that the Ctrl + left click stopped selecting layers directly when they're grouped in a folder. Instead PS simply selects the folder. If I right click inside the actual working space/viewport/image I get a somehow structured "tree" view with the folder name and the correct layer inside the folder. Is there a shortcut/mouse-keyboard click action that can directly select a layer inside the folder (again)?



The possible "solutions":

  • Ctrl + left click = Select folder/group | Select outside a group
  • Alt + left click = Select layer inside a folder group
  • Mark "Auto select" (toolbar - top) + "Layer" from the drop-down
  • right click then select the layer from the context menu
11/22/2017 1:19:00 PM

Accepted Answer

When using most of the tools (except Move tool):


If you can temporarily switch to move tool by pressing cmd, then this will work. For example if you are using the Brush tool this will work, but if you are using the Crop tool, this will not work.

With move tool:

Cmd+Left-click or Alt+Right-click.

Left-click method and the right click method have one pretty interesting difference.

Left-click method does not select locked layers. Right-click method selects locked layers.

Another difference with these two right-click methods, is that you can't move a layer while clicking, where as if you use the Left-click method, that may happen accidentally.

11/11/2014 12:30:00 AM

You can do this with a little work around.

Click your move tool and then in the topbar mark "auto-select" and set it to layer. Now if you click inside the layer it will select it:

enter image description here

Once you have this checked you can also still use this if you have another tool (eg the select tool) active by simply CTRL+click it.