License that allows me completely free commercial usage of images



I need free images for my application. They are intended for controls ( main window / buttons / treeview icons ... ).


Searching through Internet, I was able to find many sites with "free" icons.

They are all licensed somehow ( GPL , Creative Commons and so on... ), but I know nothing about those licenses so I am afraid to download the images. I just do not know what I can use and what I can not, and reading through the description of those licenses did not help much.



I am allowed to give credit to the designer, but since this is a desktop application the only things that cross my mind are the following:

  1. Put designer's link into source code;
  2. Add a clearly visible button ( on the main window ) that will open user's browser with the designer's page;

I really do not know what else can I do to give credit, since this is my first time facing this task.


When searching for free icons for commercial use, which license should I look for ( which license corresponds to my conditions from the INTRODUCTION AND RELEVANT INFORMATION section ) ?

I apologize if the question is inappropriate, I have no intention of disrespecting other people's work. This is my first time facing this problem and I just have no money to pay for the images at the moment.

If further information is required, leave a comment and I will update my post as soon as possible.

6/23/2014 3:16:00 PM

Accepted Answer

7/4/2014 5:33:00 AM

but I know nothing about those licenses

You have to read them. :)

But yes, those are but two examples of licenses that often allow you to freely use them. GPL is an open source license. Creative Commons is not, and will have different stipulations based on the type of license.

Crediting in source code wouldn't typically meet the needs of licenses that require credit, but again, you need to read the license to know for sure.

If you are looking for icons, there are many options. Google 'open source icons' for several choices.

A popular one these days is the Noun Project. They have both open source and commercial icons available. It's relatively inexpensive to get licenses for the commercial offerings so in the long run, you might be saving time (and therefor money) by simply going with purchasing a commercial license for icons.