Do we need bleed if the Print output isn't intended to be cut (as is output)


been trying to get a handle on this bleed thing.. and i kinda get it, but for the most part it talks about making sure there are no white-outs at the edges of your printed document after it's been cut out to your size specification.

Now I kinda understand this easy, but what I'm wondering is if for example i'm printing on an A4 paper from a desktop printer...and my design is A4 size as well.. I would think that there is no reason/use for bleed ,right?


6/11/2014 9:00:00 AM

A bleed is needed whenever any ink is intended to align with the edge of the printed sheet.

You can't print extactly to an edge. What a bleed does is print beyond the edge so that when the sheet is trimmed everything is lined up.

If you do not intend to trim an A4 sheet... you can not print exactly to the edge of the A4 sheet. You would require a bleed to get edges looking proper. And a bleed always means there's a trim.

6/11/2014 6:20:00 AM