New generation of Save icon that is not a "disk"?


Currently, the save icon in almost all applications represents a 3.5-inch disk from the 20th century. An example from Microsoft Office 2010 is shown below:

Save icon

As we move towards more advanced technology, this "disk" save icon now seems obsolete. Kids born in 21st century might not even know what a disk is.

Is there any good alternative save icon out there that can replace this "disk" save icon in applications? Or, probably we can design a new save icon here and make it a standard? Ideally, the icon should not represent any hardware, because it will become obsolete again as technology evolves.


This question is NOT to discuss whether we should change the "disk" save icon or not. I know the icon is still perfectly OK and friendly to the end users. There are questions on Stack Overflow and that discuss this.

I just want to look for good "save" icon that does not look like a disk (or hardware). Just take this question as a brainstorming or a design challenge. :)

At least one save icon image per answer please.

5/23/2017 12:40:00 PM

My thinking is instead of the save icon alone, why not treat all the tool icons as a set. Consistent =)

enter image description here

I wrote more on this here.

4/9/2013 7:09:00 PM