Should I ask for payment for my logo and website design when I delivered them late?


I have designed a logo and a website for a company.

Because I took a little longer than usual (3 weeks), they are talking about hiring someone else.

I delivered the designs, (10 Logo Designs with at least 50 variations) and a website design. If they hire someone else, all my effort has gone to waste.

Should I still ask for my payment?
I think I should, but not the whole amount as said, like 20% of it.

Please help.

6/4/2014 5:59:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Depends on your contract.

In general, absolutely, yes. You did the work, you provided it to the client, now their job is to pay you. I would not offer a discount (seriously, 50 variations?) but would keep it in mind for negotiation if needed. Given that you did so many variations, I would probably offer a 20% discount at most, but only if they were extremely hesitant at paying the invoice. In reality, I wouldn't be happy with a discount - the work was done, after all.

In the future, though, I would suggest having a contract in place that specifies how many rounds of edits/variations/etc you would do. I would also specify that copyright of the intellectual property doesn't transfer until the invoice is paid in full. That way, they can't legally use any unpaid artwork. Spell things out in the contract as clearly as possible so that there aren't any surprises for either of you.

6/3/2014 12:21:00 PM

Well, it is hard to say specifically, because such conditions need to be negotiated before the work, not after project dismissed or finished. But, for sure, you can protect all intellectual property you did and client can't use any of your ideas or sketches without payment.

So, you can try to negotiate sell of your concepts, otherwise notify to complete prohibition for any future usage.