Why is the image processor script not working in Photoshop?


As an extension to my last question, I just discovered the image processor script in CS6 to batch resize images. Seems simple enough - I apply to a folder with these settings:

enter image description here

And yet the output for the few screenshots I have saved in that folder is all over the place!!

enter image description here

Not only are all these images (and they're definitely the right ones - taken from the new output folder that was created) different sizes from that specified in the script dialog, but the third, colourful one, scales as I increase the size of the preview window, whereas the others don't.

This seemed like such a simple thing to do, but apparently I can't manage it... :/

Can anyone please say what I'm doing wrong?

5/30/2014 2:13:00 PM

This is a terminology issue.

Resize to Fit = Shrink to the first maximum reach of the following W and H sizes.

So if your image is very tall you'll hit the H limit first, and the aspect ratio won't be changed so the H limit will be exactly as you specified but the W much less than your limit.

And Vice-Versa.

As to the Preview scaling as you resize the window, that's probably because you have Preview's View set to Zoom to Fit.

5/30/2014 12:29:00 PM