Hard color transition gradients


I am trying to reproduce this hard transition of colors with the gradient tool.

I had this gradient:

enter image description here

And what I need was hard transition between of the colors like here -

enter image description here

What is the trick to achieve this hard stop?

5/27/2014 1:31:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Use the location field.
Make two points the same value. That way there is no transition between points.

enter image description here

enter image description here

5/27/2014 1:16:00 PM

Add an additional colour stop. In your second screenshot, the right stop is actually two at exactly the same spot.

You will achieve a hard transition if you use these:

  • stop 1 at 0%: dark blue
  • stop 2 at 10%: dark blue
  • stop 3 at 10%: light blue
  • stop 4 at 100%: light blue

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