Adobe Illustrator Save For Web SVG becomes empty


Windows 7, AI CS5

I have several artboards with different versions of a logo on them that I'm trying to save as an .svg file.

ctrl+shift+alt+s to save for web.

Active artboard's logo shows up in the preview panes. I can switch from GIF to any other format and see the logo in the preview. Sometimes it changes appearance slightly (as it should). But when I select SVG, NOTHING, the preview goes completely blank. I can see the artboard, but there's nothing in it.

EDIT: More details about logo, save methods, and result of saving as SVG from Save for Web The logo contains hand-drawn paths as well as some typed-in fonts. When using Save As AI will save the entire file (all artboards and things outside of artboards) as an SVG, with only the active artboard visible. It converts fonts to outlines if that option is successful. Everything looks great, except that it saved more than just the active artboard. Using Save for Web saves only the active artboard, it seems. Furthermore, selecting SVG with Save For Web results in an empty looking SVG (when viewed in a browser). But when I open that SVG in AI, I see just what I should: the logo, with font converted to outline.

EDIT2: I believe I've found out what the problem is, but not why. I used "save for web" to get an empty-looking (when viewed in a browser) svg. But reopening it showed the exact artboard I was trying to save originally. Now, using "Save for Web" again, the image did not disappear from the preview when selecting SVG. And saving it resulted in a usable SVG. Opening up the 2 files, I found this:

Bad SVG file (logo is there, but invisible):

viewBox="1366.6 -2698.5 1785 241"
enable-background="new 1366.6 -2698.5 1785 241"

Good SVG file (logo is visible):

viewBox="0 0 1785 241"
enable-background="new 0 0 1785 241"

For some reason, AI saves the wrong viewing information when using Save for Web and selecting SVG on an .ai file. But when opening the saved SVG and resaving, it saves it correctly.

Why is this happening? How do I fix it? Thanks.

5/25/2014 5:26:00 PM

I think the problem lies in multiple artboards sharing layers. Make sure that the artboard your trying to use the Save For the Web tool does not contain any layers outside the artboard. The best workflow I've found is to create a new top level layer, NOT a sublayer, and move all artwork that is in the artboard into this layer. The Save For Web should work now.

2/4/2015 3:53:00 PM