Master pages with elements that are locked!


A friend of mine gave me an InDesign file which has A-Master page that has two elements on it, but when I try to copy the whole page, it only copies the elements that were added afterwards. The background and the two elements on master page seem to be locked. As I press shift+command and click on the elements to unlock them, they disappear.

Any ideas?

5/22/2014 1:18:00 AM

To me it sounds like the master page objects are in a layer that is locked.

There are couple ways to figure out layer it might be.

  1. If you only have a few locked layers:
    • Toggle visibility of your layer(s) until you find the correct one.
  2. If you have multiple locked layers:
    • Click the corner menu in Layers panel Layers panel > Unlock all layers
    • Then you should be able to select the objects with or without Cmd+shift and figure out what layer(s) they belong to.
    • ( If you can't select object(s) without Cmd+shift at this point, it means those objects come from another master page. )
    • You'd then most likely want to undo Cmd+Z and manually unlock the layer(s) you just found.

They could also be locked by using Object > Lock, in which case the object(s) should have a lock icon on the left side of the frame.

In that case you can either click the lock icon, or Object > Unlock all on a spead

Some information about master pages:

Master pages can be based on other master pages, which is handy if you have objects that are supposed to repeat in multiple master pages.

When a master page thumbnail has a letter inside, it means that it is based on that master page.

In the picture below, B-Master is based on A-Master. It's easy to tell from the letter "A" it has in the thumbnail.

enter image description here

You can change it by right-clicking master page in the Pages panel and choosing: Master options for "...". Then in the new window you just change the Based on Master: drop down list.

5/22/2014 12:13:00 PM