Photoshop 3D object looks high quality only when moving it


I am working on some textures for 3D .obj files in photoshop cs6 extended. The objects look pretty pixelated and low quality, but when I move the object mesh, or scene, or camera, it instantly renders 100% in the best quality.

How can I make the object look in hq all the time and not just when moving it?

I tried ctrl+shift+alt+R (and also clicked 3D > Render", and waited for about 30, 40 minutes. The object then looks better, not so much pixelated, but still pretty blurry and not even close as how it looks when I am moving it. In performance preferences I let PS uses 6GB of RAM, Drawing Mode is set to advanced, use GPU and anti alias are ticked.

Here's a screenshot, on top the object when I am not moving it, bottom when I move it:

enter image description here

5/21/2014 12:16:00 AM

I had this same problem and did not find any other discussions addressing this issue, so I thought I'd post the solution for anyone else looking for it here. I fixed it by changing my document resolution (under Image --> Image Size). I started with a 1024x1024 document size, thinking it needed to be the same as my texture resolution. I updated it to 4096x4096 and found my object rendering much improved. The texture sizes are independent of your document size (I am new at this, so that probably should have been obvious to me to begin with).

9/3/2014 2:09:00 PM