Can photoshop wrap 2D image around entire custom shaped 3D object?


I've been playing around editing textures for some video game objects. I recently discovered that I could use "Merge Down" to put a 2D image over the 3D object and translate that to the texture. My problem is, this would only add the image to the part of the object I am looking at when merging down. I am looking for a way to wrap the 2D image around the entire 3D object.

Is this even possible on Photoshop? If it's not, but it is on 3Ds Max I'd like to know how to do it there then.

I know this would be easy on a simple shape like a cylinder since I can just place the 2D image as the texture, but these objects I am working with have custom UV Maps (that I cannot reparameterize since that wouldn't work in-game), so I can't do that. And slicing the 2D image and placing it on the correct spot on the texture so it looks perfect on the 3D object is nearly impossible.

Here is the object I am trying to texture: enter image description here

And here is the UV Map: enter image description here

5/16/2014 1:35:00 PM

Accepted Answer

You'll have to experiment, but the first thing I'd do would be to open the texture map and display the UVs, then start by adding an image to the entire texture and seeing what Photoshop did with it, just to get oriented. That will wrap around the entire object, so depending on what you're trying to accomplish, maybe you're done at that point.

I usually tile the 3D object and the texture so I can see the result on the object while I'm experimenting with the texture, and with something as complex as this I would definitely want that kind of feedback as I worked. The UV wireframes will help to guide what you're doing as you work.

5/16/2014 10:31:00 PM