How do I resize a combined shape while maintaining its proportion in Photoshop?


I made two gif images to describe what really my problem is. Anyway on the first image, I've drew shapes individually and combined them all to make this logo. Unfortunately, its shape deforms whenever I try to resize it :-/ but I wonder why the messaging shape (the second image) does not deforms no matter how I resize it? Rasterizing the shape does not maintain the quality so it's a no for me :( enter image description here enter image description here

4/26/2014 7:10:00 PM

Accepted Answer

This worked for me...

  1. Convert the multi-path shape to a smart object
  2. Open the smart object by double clicking the smart object icon
  3. Resize the smart object document using Image > Image Size

This forced Photoshop to scale the rounded corners proportionally, you will also be able to attain what ever resolution you want.

4/26/2014 10:14:00 PM

In my testing here..... live Rounded rectangles do not scale their rounding at all. If you set the rounding to 10px, it stays at 10px no matter how you scale the shape. That's your issue. You've got a rounded rectangle there to meet the ellipses and the corner rounding doesn't scale at the same rate as the ellipses.

You could adjust the rectangle rounding after scaling to match new size needed. Or if you select all the various shape layers and make them a Smart Object things will then scale as you are expecting.