How can I represent speed in a graphic?


How can I show speed in this example?

I don't have any vector programs, I'm working in Photoshop.

enter image description here

Any advice will be helpful.

4/10/2014 11:48:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Create a teardrop shape with the pen tool:

enter image description here

Fill it with white (Command+Delete).

Duplicate, stretch and rotate your copies to match up with some of the lines in the object:

enter image description here

Merge the shapes together by selecting all of them and 1.hit Command+E or 2. right click and choose Merge to Smart Object.

Then add a layer mask and put a slight gradient from the bottom up...

enter image description here

4/10/2014 8:06:00 PM

An alternate approach is to provide an external point of reference.

In this case, the viewer is traveling at the speed of your subject. Stationary objects appear to move in the opposite direction as indicated by the clouds below.

You'll see this approach in Anime, where the example provided by @Dalvenjia is possibly more commonly seen in cartoons from the west. Not to imply that this is a better approach, but certainly takes on a different stylistic character.

enter image description here

From a technical point of view it's essentially the same.

I created a few layers with clouds using the brush tool, then apply a motion blur to copies of each layer. Shift the alignment of your motion so that it fades away in the direction your subject is moving.

Hope this helps.