Illustrator cannot add stroke to path


Can someone tell me why i cannot add a stroke to the selected path? I have opened the file multiple times/copied and pasted the paths and tried to change the color and weight of the stroke.

I believe this has to do with the circle being filled in. in the layer selection.


illustrator says its adding a stroke but nothing shows up.

4/5/2014 6:05:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Look at the Appearance Panel.

The "meatball" or "circle being filled in" would indicate that there is some appearance setting on that path. It could be as simple as being set to 0% opacity or a blend mode which doesn't show the colors you are trying.

Select the path and choose Clear Appearance from the Appearance Panel Menu, then try adding your color stroke.

4/5/2014 6:08:00 PM