How to adjust two handles equally?


When adjusting the handles of an anchor point, how can I adjust both handles to an equal length or adjust them both at the same time?

4/1/2014 3:06:00 PM

Accepted Answer

As @llan answered, you can use the Convert Anchor Tool to click-drag two symmetrical handles out from an anchor point.

If you already have two non-symmetrical handles, or just one handle and want a second one, Illustrator provides no method to easily match two (or more) non-symmetrical handles other than this click-drag option of the Convert Anchor Tool.

In other words, no. You can't really alter two handles simultaneously unless they are smooth point handles.

4/1/2014 4:52:00 PM

If you want the handles to be "similar" the first thing you do - you press Shift+C (Convert Anchor Point) and click once on the point of interest: you had a smooth point (otherwise it has no handles) and converted it to sharp one.

Next, you click on the point of interest the second time and begin to drag to desired direction - by this action you convert the point to smooth and operate its handles at the same time and the same degree.