Exporting / Saving Pattern Swatches in Illustrator


I would like to keep the patterns I have created in Illustrator CS6 in a handy file. Currently, I just make an object, apply the pattern, and copy/paste the object to transfer the pattern to a different file, but would like to save all of the patterns so that I can just load them all at once. Is the Save Swatch Library as ASE the best way to do this? I want to be sure I can share these patterns with others.

7/3/2014 9:19:00 AM

Accepted Answer

You can't save pattern swatches in ase format:

enter image description here

The best way to to this is to have an Illustrator file that you can simply paste a new pattern-filled shape to then save.

You can then share that .ai file and load it as an "Other Library" to import all the pattern swatches.

3/27/2014 6:15:00 AM