Illustrator > Recolor Artwork: How to manually choose the replacement colours from swatch groups?


Below is Illustrator's "Recolor Artwork" window. I've chosen to recolour (yes, I'm British) using one of my swatch groups. Notice that the first source colour is replaced with the first swatch group colour which is near black and which I don't particularly want. I want to manually choose another swatch but can't seem to figure out how...

Recolor Artwork Window

I've tried every combination I can find in the dialog and the most immediate solution I've found is to enter the swatches numbers in the sliders. There's a "randomise" swatch order button so I would think there must also be a way to choose them manually.

3/21/2014 4:26:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Double-click the little black color box (or any of the boxes) under the New column in the center of the window. This will bring up the Color Picker, from there you can click the Color Swatches button and select the swatch you want to use.

Yes it would be nice if drag and drop worked, but it doesn't.

3/21/2014 4:35:00 PM