paper print design on photoshop


I am looking for some tutorial for this kind of graphic design -

I don't know what to call this, but the logo is looking like it is printed on paper

enter image description here

does anyone know how this is done ?

3/19/2014 5:35:00 PM

This looks very much like it was made from one of the Photoshop mockup templates that have become so abundant on the web since Smart Objects (CS4) arrived on the scene. They make it easy for beginners (and quick for designers) to create sophisticated, highly realistic mockups of designs in context. Even deep debossing and fabric textures are out there in "instant mockup" form.

Linen texture PSD mockup

Thermographic printing does give a raised, shiny effect similar to your example, but it usually doesn't achieve that degree of smoothness. Here's a good example of what it typically looks like close up.

Example of thermographic raised print

A very high-quality wax or laser printer might also produce a similar effect, seen in extreme close-up, since both techniques create a slightly raised image that sits on top of the substrate.

If you're looking to create something in real life that gives this effect, thermography (if you don't mind the slightly bubbly texture) or spot UV coating are probably your best bets.

3/21/2014 4:41:00 AM