Critique: Does this logo portray a web-based control for a media player?


I've been working on an application that works as a remote control for a media player, over the web. The remote itself is an application that runs in your web browser, on your phone or on your tablet that allows you to control the playlist, playback and library management of a media player.
My logo idea for it was to merge the Wi-Fi icon with a compact disc, and below is the render:

Product Logo; Blue Wi-Fi icon merged with Compact Disc

I've been spending far too long staring at this now, and I think that it works quite well as a concept. However I feel that the colours could be chosen better, but I did receive comments that it looked a little like Spotify's icon when green.

Any critiques?

After reviewing suggestions, I have come up with this:

Updated Product Logo; Blue Wi-Fi icon merged with Compact Disc

Any additional critique?

3/19/2014 12:15:00 PM

The WiFi part was immediately obvious to me. I think what's hurting the recognizability of the CD is the gradient. If you've looked at other CD renderings, the gradient is angular, not radial.

enter image description here


Here's what it might look like with an angle gradient (though I think a couple more color stops might help):

enter image description here

3/17/2014 8:35:00 PM