How to export to pdf from indesign retaining existing image compression?


I have a document with images. I need the best quality/size ratio. Now I use the "save for web" feature from photoshop because it allows exactly that.

When I place my images in indesign it looks great, and I sure know my images are small, but when I export I can't seem to choose "retain existing compression", so it wants to recode my already lossy png/jpg's to jpg again which really isn't helpful.

Any solutions?

2/12/2014 2:16:00 AM

I don't think you can retain the image settings the way you want.
The pdf creation process basically repackages the document content.

Your best option is probably to figure out what settings work best for a majority of your images, and use the closest thing to those settings when you export your pdf.

If I remember right (don't have it in front of me), you can have your images saved with PNG settings if you use the Optimize PDF function in Acrobat Pro.
So you could Export a pdf from Indesign with no or lossless compression, then open it in Acrobat and save a new file with the optimized PNG settings from that program.

But no, you're still not 'retaining' your image settings.

5/17/2014 3:29:00 PM