Printing a PDF page in A0 poster


I have a poster that I want to print in A0 size. For technical reasons, the output PDF file unfortunately is currently not in A0 size. How can I print this poster in A0?

Should I first convert it to A0 somehow before sending it to the printer (which I don't know how) or I can just send the file to the printer and there just simply select the A0 option in the printing menu and the printer would take care of it?

I have used LaTeX to make the poster.


8/23/2015 8:49:00 PM

In my opinion, let the printing company study the document.

There are two main factors at hand.

1) Does the document have the correct proportion? Is the document A4 for example, and not a horizontal long banner-like document?

2) Is the document in vector format? If it has images, are they in a good enough resolution?

If the answer to those questions is yes, the printing company can simply check a box to fit the print to the page.

Just be sure to tell the printing company that you need them to print it on A0 84.1 × 118.9 cm. size.

P.S. Do not try to rescale it by yourself because you will potentially add some problems to the file, like resampling, changing color modes, etc. I read on the comments that you were trying to modify it on Gimp... Do not do that.

8/24/2018 5:16:00 PM