How to cut off parts of text by an object in Illustrator?


I'm new to Adobe Illustrator, and currently I'm trying to cut a letter off by an object. In the following I am going to explain what I mean:

  • I have drawn a rectangle.
  • I have written some text.
  • I positioned the text over the rectangle, so that parts of the text are inside of the rectangle, parts of it are outside.

What I now want to achieve is to cut off every part of the text that is outside the rectangle.

Please note that I do not want to subtract the text from the rectangle - the text (at least the part which is inside) shall still be there.

How could I accomplish this task?

2/6/2014 7:41:00 PM

If I understand you correctly; there are a few ways, and this is one:

Create text, create the rectangle. Then do the following: select both, go to object -> clipping mask -> make. It does not matter what the box looks like. This should give you the text that was "underneath" the box.

enter image description here

2/6/2014 9:39:00 PM