Fixing pixelated edges on photoshop 6.0


I have adobe photoshop 6.0 and am trying to design a logo for a website that I will be creating shortly. I drew out my logo and the only issue that I am having right now is that the edges of the shape look pixelated. What I start with was a basic shape that had a white background and I selected it all with the select tool and filled in a colour. I also cut the shape out from the white background, so now there is no background present, just the shape of the logo. But the edges are pixelated and not nice and smooth and clear. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?


2/4/2014 3:18:00 AM

When you say you used the "select tool" ... are you talking about the "wand"? If you are, you should try using the lasso select or the poly select tool.

After you have isolated the image with the lasso tool, you can then save that selection for later use. You can also refine that selection with the expand or contract option form the menu and fill in the area that way. You may find that adjusting the tolerance of the paint bucket tool will help with filling in the entire area.

Another option is to create a mask layer from the saved selection and then fill in that area as a new layer and then use the blending modes to adjust as needed.

2/4/2014 4:14:00 AM