A layer covering all non-transparent areas in Photoshop


I have a PNG layer which has a drop shadow applied in Photoshop.

I'd like to create another layer of white color which would cover all non-transparent pixels on the canvas (i.e. the original PNG + the shadow).

Is there a way to conveniently do this in CS5(12)?

Here is a screenshot of the original image (on the left) and the best approximation I could get it to (on the right). However, the problem is that the shadow is not solid white as it should be (this is needed for the resulting image to act as a mask in mobile gaming framework).

Example: white non-solid shadow

1/16/2014 7:04:00 AM

If I understand correctly, which I'm not entirely sure I do (rarely am). You should be able to Control Click on the Layer and it will select all existing pixels. Then just create a new layer and fill with white.

Oh I see with your edit. You'll want to Right Click the layer and choose "Rasterize Layer Style"

Rasterize Layer Style

Then do the Control Click on layer to select all those pixels. (note I did this screenshot before the edit so my layer style isn't rasterized in the picture)

Control Click Layer

Create a new layer and fill with white.

1/15/2014 6:56:00 PM