Photoshop - converting text to smart object before printing


I just finished designing a piece which is 90%+ photography. In PSD, I had to touch up the photos and do sharpening, brightening, etc. Then I put small text captions on top of the photos. Rather than switch over to InDesign for these few lines of text, I just put the text on in Photoshop.

I was trying to figure out how to have the piece printed without getting blurry (rasterized) text. What I did was, I converted my text layer to Smart Object, thus supposedly preserving its clean "vector" nature. The resolution of the file is over 300 ppi. I hope this will do the trick? What do you think of working with text in PSD this way? I know it's 'lazy', but for something like this, I'm hoping it would be ok?

Normally for a piece with a lot of text, I just work in InDesign. But since this was mainly a collection of photos with some captions, I wanted to stay in Photoshop and not have to be hopping back and forth between the 2 programs.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts about this way of working with text in PSD!

1/9/2014 1:20:00 AM