Missing objects during resizing after copying/pasting from Illustrator to InDesign


After copying a group of objects (including some containing clipping masks) from Illustrator to InDesign some of the objects disappear after resizing said clipping. My apologies if this is quite vague but to be honest I'm not sure what's happening, just that things are missing. I've recorded a video to better demonstrate what I mean.


As you can tell in the video, I copied the group of squares from Illustrator to InDesign, then resize the entire group. After resizing, some of the circles in some of the squares are missing. Upon dragging some things around I find one of them and it is still full size (it didn't resize when I dragged the entire group) and it is really far away from its original place. The squares where things are disappearing are all clipping masks (they look different from everything else when I first select the whole group to Cmd + C it).

Thanks a lot for your time and sorry for any bad wording. I'm using Adobe CC.

1/5/2014 4:18:00 AM

Use File > Place and tick the Image Import Options in the place dialog window before clicking OK. You can then easily import only a single artboard from a multi-artbaord Illustrator file.

While InDesign has some vector tools, much like Photoshop, the core vector capabilities of InDesign are not designed to replace a true vector application such as Illustrator. By placing rather than pasting the image, Indesign treats the image as a container and references the original artwork after transforming (scaling) rather than trying to work out the vector math itself. It's fairly easy to overwhelm InDesign's vector engine with artwork.

1/5/2014 10:47:00 PM