Saving Illustrator logo for common to use formats


I've got pretty simple problem. I've created logo in 3 variations on 3 A4 format artboards. I want to crop them, to get rid of loads of white space around logo, and secondly i'd like to save it with transparent background. Thanks in advance.

PS. I can't find any resources of best practices when saving logo in different formats.

12/5/2013 10:12:00 AM

Accepted Answer

  • Select the logo.
  • Object > Artboards > Fit to Selected Art

As for a transparent background, Illustrator files inherently have no background. You can turn on the Transparency Grid if you need to confirm that -- View > Show Transparency Grid. The only reason you would have a background is if you used raster images or raster effects within your logos. You don't need to traditionally do anything to an Illustrator file to remove a background.

12/5/2013 10:30:00 AM

if it is the whitespace in the artboards themselves you want to get rid of, you can either:

  • group all the elements in one artboard and go to file - document setup - edit artboards and then click (doubleclick?) on the grouped logo. That should bring the artboard down to the exact size


  • you could go file - document setup - edit artboards and then do it manually with resize

enter image description here

To save with transparent background, choose png: file - save as

Make sure you have chosen one of the artboards (this is signified by a slightly thicker black line around it). This should make you able to save one logo at a time, and prevent you from getting one massive image with all three.