Is it possible to create a multi-page PDF using Adobe Illustrator with various elements on a page linked to other pages in same PDF?

The purpose is, we want to output semi-interactive prototypes with Illustrator.

EDIT on receiving a possible duplicate: My question is about creating links that point to different pages in the same file, not an Internet address. (something like #page3)

12/7/2015 5:21:00 AM

No. Illustrator can not create interactive PDFs.

You can generate the PDF with Illustrator then add interaction using Acrobat. Or you can create interactive PDFs with InDesign.

To add to Scott's answer you can add JavaScript but you will be required to have Acrobat Pro because Acrobat Standard will not allow you but that is based on my experience with Acrobat 10 and not 11.

You can do bookmarking in Acrobat and if you already have a .pdf file there is no reason to involve Illustrator.

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Great .pdf file from

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