Change the transparency of an Android stock icon?


I am trying to use an android star icon (.png) and color it in red. Basic, right? Well.

I did the color change after some research (just download Gimp 2) from an iOS icon because it has the ideal size 64*64 but it resulted in small legs drooling from the star lowest spikes once displayed on the Android device.

So now I am fighting to do the same from an Android icon (a little smaller but why not?). So far I have achieved a nice result. BUT it is pink not the deep red I wanted and obtained before. So we figured it was due to an existing transparency of the star. We tried to add layer to change it, inverse layering, copy paste it, color the result but nothing, the results are always pink.

To resume : from iOS icon : color perfect but strange shaping effects versus from android icon : shape perfect (even if smaller) but color pinky or transparent

How can I "remove" the transparency that might be in the initial .png ?

Edit : I just try drawing stars with Inkscape, the result is not okay :D I have the same small "legs" :(

Edit : Several picture of my different test :

Test 1 : android icon re-colored with still the transparency --> pink color as a result.

android icon re-colored with still the transparency --> pink color as a result.

Test 2 : I follow your advice and get this :

transparency removed :

Test 3 : I tried to use anti aliasing filter but there is little difference :

anti aliasing filter

My work blocks imgur so I cannot see if all uploaded ok.

11/28/2013 6:11:00 PM

Create a selection from the original icon and apply it as a mask to a filled layer.

11/28/2013 5:27:00 PM