Need to convert Photoshop layers to InDesign layers


I'm using Photoshop CS6 to make a label and I need to convert all layers to InDesign CS4. I've never done it possible?

11/21/2013 5:37:00 AM

I think this might be the easiest way:

  1. Create an InDesign document the same size as your Photoshop Document.
  2. Place the Photoshop Document on the page so it lines up perfectly.
  3. If you have for example 3 layers in the Photoshop document, create 3 Layers in InDesign. Now copy the Object and paste in place ctrl + shft + v so that the object is repeated/placed on top, once for each InDesign layer.
  4. Now select each object (hide the other InDesign layers to make it easy) and right-click the image object and select from the menu ObjectObject Layer Options. Here you can turn off layers within the Photoshop document. You want to show only one Photoshop layer per InDesign layer, so in the bottom layer of InDesign, turn off all the Photoshop file layers except the bottom one. Repeat this for all corresponding layers.
2/28/2019 3:45:00 PM