Problem with colors when uploading images to Facebook


I'm having problems uploading a PNG file to the web. The problem is that it distorts the color of the image. The image is a trademark and uses a PANTONE color. I think this could be the problem because the distortion affects only this color alone.

I have tried saving it for normally, for web, in multiple formats (JPG, PNG, GIF) Always the same exact result: color distortion.

So, how can I upload this image without having to change the color?

EDIT: Here's a link to the image because I don't have enough rep to publish any image yet:


EDIT 2: OK, it seems that the problem is Facebook, which is the place I'm trying to upload this trademark, because I uploaded this to ImageShack and it shows correctly.

Any advice on how to fix it?

8/19/2013 2:56:00 AM

After comparing the current Facebook page image and the one on Image Shack, my guess is that jpeg compression is part of the problem. The pink is not even across the letters, indicating heavy compression artifacts in relation to the size of the image.

Facebook seems to be all jpeg, all the way, so no matter what you upload it will end up as a jpeg. It will also be crushed.

Try this:

In Photoshop, Edit > Convert to Profile > sRGB. Make the intent Perceptual and turn on Black Point Compensation. (Note that "Assign Profile" will NOT work; it will just mess up the colors.)

Save for web, and resize the image in this dialog. Try to get it to the size it will display on FB, so their software isn't messing with it. Compress as far as you can while keeping the text fairly crisp. Uncheck "Include color profile".

I have clients with AOL accounts (a red flag warning if ever there was one!), and their images get smooshed beyond all recognition regularly as AOL "optimizes" them. (cough, cough) This looks like the same problem.

6/10/2011 1:25:00 AM