What is meant by "busy"?


What do web developers mean when they think something will make their site look "busy"?

What gives this feel of busy-ness?

5/29/2016 7:47:00 PM

Accepted Answer

busy - biz -ee:

  • Too many unnecessary elements.
  • Lack of whitespace.
  • Clunky copy.
  • Unorganized and inconsistent design.
  • Improper treatment of text.
  • Too many styles, fonts, colors, or other design elements.
  • Lack of focus or purpose.
  • When the client wants you to make the logo bigger, add links to all of their quasi-partners in the footer for SEO, have several blinking Flash banners, animated .gif files, autoplayed audio and video, and a picture of their dog Fufu because they think little yappy dogs are cute and will help sell widgets.
  • Myspace.
1/6/2011 7:28:00 AM