What's a good way to get into Concept Art?


I'm a game programmer, and so yeah, you could call me creative, but I've only created code-generated visuals.

I want to get into Concept Art. Where are good places to start?

I am looking for both digital and on paper stuff (I can get Autodesk products like Sketchbook Pro for free).

5/29/2011 11:55:00 PM

Software is not an important concern. The most important concern is: can you draw? Since you are "totally newb at visual art" I assume that means you are not good at drawing and need to start with that.

Realistically, if you are already a game programmer then stick to that and find a good artist to work with. There are always lots of artists looking for a programmer to work with, and it takes a lifetime to become a good artist.

EDIT: Just looked at your profile and noticed you are 15. So when you say "I'm a game programmer" you really mean "I've started learning about game programming but also want to learn about the art side" in which case I suggest you start practicing drawing stuff. Probably take an art class, although be wary of art teachers who don't really teach you any skills and merely encourage you to be creative. My comment about it taking a lifetime still applies, but you're young enough that at least it's a realistic goal.

5/29/2011 12:33:00 PM