How can I design a simple logo without any prior skill in graphic design?


I want to create a simple logo, but I have no skills or experience in graphic design. Although I'm familiar with GIMP, I'm not sure how to get started. A text-logo would suffice, but it should be individual and not too ugly. Any advice?

12/5/2011 5:38:00 PM

I'm tempted to close this as "not a real question", but I'll try to humor you since you're only 10.

If you have no graphic design skills, then the obvious thing to do is just to hire a professional to design the logo for you. Otherwise, you'll have to accept that the logo you design will most-likely be terrible.

If there were a simple way (simple enough to be explained in a few short paragraphs anyway) to teach a complete novice to become a good designer overnight, then there'd really be no need for professional graphic designers, graphic design text books, or graphic design schools/courses.

That said, if you have very low expectations and don't care about how plain or generic the logo looks, then a simple way to make a "non-ugly" logo is to just use a simple logotype, i.e.:

  1. Choose a good, clean (simple) typeface, such as Helvetica.
  2. Select a font style, e.g. Bold, Italic, Bold+Italic, Black, Regular, Light, etc.
  3. Type the name of the company however you want it to be rendered.

That's a simple, generic, non-ugly logo that anyone can create. It won't stand out much, and it won't convey much about your brand, but at least it won't be ugly.

1/6/2011 1:23:00 AM