How can I create a custom shape with round edges on Photoshop CS6?


I'm trying to create a custom shape overlay in the navigation bar similar to the example below.

Trying to create the shape

I'm struggling with trying to create the radius around the bottom edges. I'm not too great with the pen tool, I find it hard to create the 'bend' of the shape. What is the best way to create this shape?

10/13/2013 8:34:00 PM

A similar approach can be taken in Photoshop, but here is one solution done in Illustrator:

1) Draw rectangle enter image description here

2) Select rectangle > Effect > Stylize > Rounded Corners > ~10px

enter image description here

3) Select Direction Arrow (a) > Grab top right corner of rectangle holding shift to keep structure and create your desired angle

enter image description here

4) Select rectangle > Object > Expand Appearance --This will make the stylized rounded corners actual points that will be used for the outline

enter image description here

5) Duplicate this rectangle(cmd+copy, cmd+f to paste in front)> Object > Transform > Reflect > Horizontal -- set aside for now.

enter image description here

6) Draw new rectangle

7) Place new rectangle over original rounded corner rectangle, aligning baseline of both rectangles

enter image description here

8) Select both rectangles > Pathfinder > Minus Back -- (ignore 2nd rectangle on top, shouldn't have included it in this screenshot)

enter image description here

9) Align 2nd rounded rectangle to baseline edge. enter image description here

10) Select all > Pathfinder > Divide -- This will allow you to delete the excess area

enter image description here

11) Select all > Pathfinder > Merge enter image description here

Obviously, this is not the best solution for everyone, but it should help you wrap your head around at least one way to achieve this result. I often just need someone to get me started down a path to a solution. Hopefully this does that for you.

10/13/2013 7:32:00 PM