Flash to Illustrator CC conversion... possible?


I've spent years drawing vector art in Flash, and recently decided to move to Illustrator (because that's really what I should have been using all along).

The trouble is, Flash art is strangely difficult to import into Illustrator. As recently as CS6, the easiest way that I found was to open the FLA in Flash, export it as an FXG, open the FXG in Illustrator, and save it as an AI.

Now in Illustrator CC, when you try to open an FXG, you get the raw XML, and not the image. So that puts a damper on this whole process.

Does anyone have any solution that I'm overlooking?

9/20/2013 2:47:00 AM

Flash CC 2014 can export to SVG, and Illustrator CC 2014 can open an SVG. Works like a charm. All the layers come thru as separate objects.

Original answer

According to someone on the Adobe forums, Adobe claims FXG isn’t compatible with 64-bit. Seeing as Adobe did away with supporting 32-bit....

Adobe claims: “We will have vector export from Flash as one of the features for our next major update.” This same line has been repeated over and over again...for the last 9 months at least. Do a search for others running into the same difficulty. Then, they recommend installing a third-party code to export as an SVG. Even if you feel brave enough to put on your programmer pants on to install the code, it only has been confirmed to work in some instances where the vector is simple.

8/22/2017 4:01:00 PM