How can I make this bevel and emboss effect look deeper


I am trying to design an image which looks like this:

enter image description here

But I ended up with the following image: (edited image)

enter image description here

I tried adding layer styles as in the below image (Edited image).

enter image description here

How can I make the second image look deeper, like the first does?

Edited one :

enter image description here

with this new bevel settings

enter image description here

8/31/2013 11:09:00 AM

Accepted Answer

I think the key is that you're doing the Bevel and Emboss a little bit backwards.

To replicate that image, I would instead apply the Bevel and Emboss to a wood panel that has the area "punched out":

Wood with area punched out

We still need something for the backdrop, so I duplicated the original layer and offset it by a few pixels down and to the right (this will help with the depth effect in the finished product)

Both layers

To the top layer, I will apply the Bevel and Emboss (using these settings)

Bevel and Emboss

We're still not fully there, the original image has a lot more depth. There are two final touches to make. The first is to add a drop shadow to the top layer to really bring it out (I used these settings):

Drop shadow applied

The final touch is to darken the bottom/background layer. I used an adjustment layer, but there are of course many ways to do that. Here's what the finished product looks like:

Finished product


comparison image

8/31/2013 12:35:00 PM

Change settings of the bevel effect (do not forget its colors' blend mode.) also change the brightness of the wooden texture layer.