Does CS6 have a feature to extract an object from a background using stereography?


I recall reading an article prior to CS6 releasing that Photoshop (or perhaps another CS6 product?) would include a feature that would allow taking a stereographic photo of an object, and then detect the foreground object from the background, thus allowing clean extraction of a photographed object from the background.

I don't own CS6 yet, but I can't for the life of me find this article again. Does this feature exist in CS6, and if so, what is it called?

7/3/2014 2:45:00 PM

No, unfortunately that isn't in CS6 (or CC as far as I can tell). If you're on a PC here are a few utilities for making depth maps from stereographic pairs though. Those may give you a starting point at least.

8/14/2013 8:52:00 PM