Tri-fold Brochure in Indesign - How do you handle fold lines?


How do people handle margins and gutters when designing a tri-fold brochure in InDesign? When a brochure is folded in three, the inside flap ends up being smaller than the other two flaps, so if I want things to align exactly, I can't just use the margins and columns panel and be done with it. You can see in this image how the automatic gutters don't line up with the fold lines that I have put in: enter image description here

Do you set up your columns manually within your adjusted fold lines, or do you use the default columns and gutters, or perhaps some other method? I know I can accomplish this manually, but I'm just looking for the most straightforward way to do it.

8/1/2013 10:53:00 PM

Accepted Answer

I set up two master pages - outside and inside.

I then place guides manually where folds are for each spread.

I find the text frame columns unworkable because they are always even. I use threaded text frames rather than a single frame with columns.

Save as a template..... never have to do it again.


8/2/2013 12:33:00 AM