Change of colour when copying into a different Illustrator document


1) When I am copying a logotype from one Illustrator document to another the colours are changing slightly. Anybody know why this could be?

I am noticing that the CMYK values are also changing, so it is not only how it looks like. The "old" document is created in cs5 and I am now working in cs6. Maybe it could have to do with this? How do I fix it?

2) I have the Pantone values written down for the colours of the logotype. When I put the same Pantone colour in the "new" document it becomes a different colour again (the same as when I dragged the logo into the new document). It is not the same! why? I need to be able to tell clients what are the Pantone colours of the logotype, so this is a huge problem..

I am very thankful if somebody can help me with this!

10/15/2013 5:54:00 PM

1) Illustrator CS5 and CS6 must have the same color settings (Edit > Color Settings) for CMYK values to be the same. If you have mis-matched color settings, values will change.

2) Regarding Pantone colors, there is a marked difference between CS5 and CS6. CS6 uses the new Pantone Plus libraries which are built only on LAB values. Previous Pantone libraries were built on CMYK and LAB values. Check Adobe help pages for solutions to the pantone color issues. Although it is best to adapt to the Pantone Plus libraries if possible. The difference won't effect printing, but it will alter the on-screen appearance.

These may also be helpful:

7/17/2013 4:47:00 PM