How to keep the resolution of an image when scaling it in Gimp


I want to copy and paste one picture into another one using Gimp.

I have a picture with 200x200 pixels and 72dpi. The 72dpi are not enough to print the image in the size specified in its header. Therefore, I want to reduce it to half its printing size, but keep the 200x200 pixels to get to a 144dpi resolution.

Since the picture I'm pasting has rather low quality, I want to reduce its size within the other picture and at the same time increase the resolution (that is, keep the number of pixels constant).

However, the only option I found was the Print Size function, which does not seem to affect the size of the pasted image relative to the picture it is pasted into.

7/22/2013 9:12:00 PM

Accepted Answer

After pasting the picture, you'll see that a new layer will be formed named "Floating Selection" Right click on it and then click on "New Layer".

Now it has become a layer. Again right click on that layer name and select "Scale Layer". Now you can scale this layer relative to the main Picture.

Lemme know if your problem is not solved. :)

7/13/2013 4:57:00 PM

ez. Image -> Scale Image -> Quality Interpolation = off -> change dpi from 72 to 144. glhf.