What program can I use to convert a 2D industrial design plan to 3D model?


I'm currently working on a project to make a metal part. I have designed a 2D plan and I was wondering if there was a software out there that would enable me to transform my 2D plan into a 3D model. This way I could have a better look to what I've designed.

I know Autocad has this capability, Alias I guess, and Solidworks will do the job but I'm looking for something simple and why not a free software that will be very simple to turn my 2D in 3D.

6/9/2013 2:41:00 PM

If you want simple (and moderately powerful) try Sketchup. I've been involved in 3d and parametric modeling for over a decade, and I've used most of them all. I love Sketchup for it's simplicity and quick learning curve. Sketchup is as simple to use or as complex as you can make it within it's limits.

2 versions, one free and one pro. Post back if this doesn't fit the bill and I'll lend you as much info as I can.

6/10/2013 4:26:00 AM